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Here are details of available works here.

Autumn in the air

Shotoku, ancient Japan

Red ridinghood - sold

Autumn - sold

Sycamore in autumn - sold

Sycamore in summer - sold

Kikyo - sold

Kikyo - sold

Kikyo - sold

Late summer butterfly

June drop - sold

Monsieur Croque

Let them eat macarons

Blackberry - sold
Amazonica - butterfly paradise -Sold

Lady in ancient japan - sold

Fairy ring - sold

Cherry - sold

Bluebell woods - sold

Lily of the valley - sold

Marie Macaron -Sold

Fairy ring

Dive bomb - sold

chameleon, this time green! 

Magic mushroom

Vanilla the poodle

Frenchie of the Knightsbridge -sold

#PugOfInstagram - sold

Sacha - commision

Micha - commission

Enchanted forest

Cherry tree - sold
Orchard - sold

Spring in the air -sold

Down the rabbit hole
Angel - sold

Frenchie of Knightsbridge sold

Red ridinghood - sold

Mad tea Party -sold
Red ridinghood - sold

Early spring - sold

Miss Lemon - Sold

Strawberry - sold
Departing - sold

Mirror mirror - sold 

Lotus - sold

Child and dog - sold

Owl - sold

Autumn colours -sold

Cherry - commission 

The last journey - sold

Chicken or egg, - available, and a whale of a time -sold

Melusine - sold

Melusine - details 

Cherry - sold

Alice - sold

Ancient oaks - sold

Two from left - sold

Dawn chorus - sold 

Confirmation of Maria - commission

Red ridinghood - commission

Girl with quince flowers - commission 

Freedom of speech - commission

Apple tree - sold

Owl - sold

Owl finch -sold

Owl finch details -sold

Alice - sold
Primrose -sold 

Bird nest - sold

The youngest fairy Godmother - Sleeping beauty - Sold

Flowering quince -sold

Flower girl in Patras

Greek girl with ceramic flowers - sold

Owl - sold


Flowers of spring
Camellia, Hepatica and catkins
15.0 x 19.0 x 4.0, - sold

Tulip -sold

Jeg våkner' (I awaken)  on commission 

Angel - sold

Girl with blue shoes -sold

Red ridinghood -sold

Flower garden -sold

Angel with blue flowers -sold

A walk in the park  - sold

Alice - sold

The land of Archaeopteryx - sold
Blossom in the wind - commission

Black swan - sold

Medieval lady - commission

Girl with red shoes - sold
Medieval lady - sold

Girl with a ribbon - sold

The forest where Archaeopteryx lived - Sold

Yuki-onna (Snow woman) - sold

Bear -Sold

Summer- sold

Girl in the wind -sold
Medieval lady
Kazeno fuku tokoro - sold

Spring in Japan - sold


Angel with a green shoot -sold
Girl with red shoes - sold

Angel - sold

Red ridinghood -sold
Angel - sold

Himiko - sold

Grand Priestess - sold

Grand priestess - back
Priestess - sold

Lamb - sold

A night in the woods - sold

Bloom in the wind - sold

Red ridinghood - sold 

Forget-me-not sold

Forest Girl - sold

Water Girl - sold

Young empress -sold

Red ridinghood (framed) - sold 

Girl with red shoes - sold

Mirro mirror - sold

Polar bear with a shoot -sold

Polar bear with forget-me-not,  Shooting polar bear and Polar bear with a lady bird (from left) - all sold

Angel with a crown - sold

Angel with Flowers - sold

Japanese Girl -sold

One swallow does not make a summer - Sold

Dawn chorus Sold

Empress of champagne truffles -sold

The Tree Age - sold

Answer was in the box - sold

Freedom of speech -sold

The Rock Age

The Mushroom Age -sold

Hope - sold

Angel - sold

Elijah - Sold

Angel - sold

Rhapsody of birds -sold

Promavera -sold

Moonright - available, and Jazz - sold

Freedom - sold

Oracle -Sold

Spring - Sold

Into the woods -sold

Time - sold

Rabbit - sold

Commissioned work - sold

Angels - sold



Marisa - sold

Flora - Sold

Sky - sold

Wind - sold
Commissioned work -sold
Hope - sold
Hope - sold

Angel - sold

Where the wind blows - sold
Where the wind blows - sold
Where the wind blows - close up -sold
Where the wind blows - back -sold
Freedom - Sold
Freedom -  Sold
Owl finch owl on mahogany plinth - Sold
Storm on granite plinth - 25cm -sold
Storm on granite plinth - sold
Princess of mochi -sold

Princess of Baklava -sold

Young Empress - Sold
Forest Boy - Sold
Duchess of Macaron - Sold
Princess of Noisette - Sold
Forest boy -sold
Forest Girl - Sold
Water Boy - Sold
Water Girl - Sold
Early Summer - Sold
Ancient Japanese child - sold
Ancient Japanese child - side -sold
Ancient Japanese child - back - sold
Faun 24.5cm
Faun's story
Faun - back

Oracle 28cm - Sold
Oracle's story 
Oracle - back side - Sold
Crying Owl - sold

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